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Scottish Summer 2016 Estancias en el extranjero para chic@s de 10 a 18 años.

Mira nuestros cursos de este año! Aqui


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New Summer Courses for 2015!

This year we are offering three courses. Ten days in Edinburgh ,just like last year, two weeks in Ayr and a brand new one which is Football and English in Glasgow with two Barça coaches!

Football Course 2015

Edinburgh 2015

Ayr 2015



Group Picture Scottish Summer 2014

Scottish Summer 2014

Scottish Summer 2014

Hallo, here is the PDF for this year’s trip to Scotland.

Remember we are different in that we go with your children rather than send them!

Scottish Summer 14


Scottish Summer 2014

Scottish Summer 14

Why negative thinking is self-fulfilling.

Why negative thinking is self-fulfilling:

Por qué el pensamiento negativo es profecía auto-cumplida:

If you do not believe in yourself, whether it be in your level of English or your ability to do a job or even indeed in your general attitude to life, this belief causes negative thoughts such as: It will be a disaster, I won’t succeed, people will laugh at me, I wish I did not have to do it etc. These thoughts then go on to have a direct effect on your feelings i.e. your state, making you nervous, anxious and tense. Your behaviour then corresponds to your state, you drop the level of eye contact, you don’t speak well nor engage with people normally, and even your breathing is worse literally reducing the oxygen in the brain and augmenting the already negative situation. The results are an audience with no conviction in your abilities and worst of all the other people’s reactions only reinforce your original disbelief in your ability. The perfect vicious circle.


Si no crees en ti mismo, ya sea en tu nivel de Inglés o tu capacidad para hacer un trabajo o, de hecho, incluso en tu actitud general hacia la vida, esta creencia hace que los pensamientos negativos, tales como: Va a ser un desastre, no voy a tener éxito, la gente se reirá de mí, me gustaría no tener que hacerlo, etc Estos pensamientos pasan a tener un efecto directo sobre tus sentimientos es decir, tu estado, por lo que te pone nervioso, ansioso y tenso. Tu comportamiento corresponde entonces a tu estado, desciende el nivel de contacto con los ojos, no hablas bien ni te comportas como la gente normal, e incluso tu respiración es peor, literalmente, la reducción del oxígeno en el cerebro y aumentar la situación de por sí negativo. Los resultados son una audiencia con ninguna convicción en tus capacidades y la peor de todas las reacciones de las otras personas no hacen sino reforzar su incredulidad original en su capacidad. El círculo vicioso perfecto.



El Centro Español de Derechos Reprográficos (CEDRO) es la asociación sin ánimo de lucro que representa y defiende colectivamente los derechos de propiedad intelectual de carácter patrimonial de los autores y editores de publicaciones protegidas por la Ley, tales como libros, revistas, partituras musicales y periódicos. Ahora Caledonia Formacio es una empresa autorizada por CEDRO.



Buenas Vacaciones y nos vemos en Septiembre!


Curso de Verano en Cambridge

Opción A

Importe del curso 1.990€ (Adultos)


-Billetes de avión

– Curso de 4 semanas en julio o agosto

– Alojamiento en familia con pension completa

Opción B

Importe del curso 2.400€ (niños de 12 a 18 años)


-Billetes de avión

– Curso de 4 semanas en julio o agosto

– Alojamiento en familia con pension completa

– Excursiones: Londres, Peterborough,Ely

– Actividades:

Patinaje sobre hielo, piscina, bolos, golf, vistias a museos y colleges y paseo en barco en el rio Cam



We run a league of English classes in most of our client’s companies. In Anuntis Segundamano they very generously awarded the top performing group with a trip to London.

Remember now is the time to start thinking about the courses abroad you or your children would like to do this year. We expect to offer fantastic all inclusive courses in Edinburgh and Cambridge this season.

5 tips for learning English

1 Desire to learn

Be realistic, do you really want to study it. Yes maybe you want to speak it but are you really going to have the time or desire to study all you need in order to speak it? Enjoy life! If you can’t be bothered to study English then don’t do it! Perhaps another time will be better for you. If you study now without the correct motivation it is highly unlikely you will succeed and it will be a waste of your time and money.

2 Motivation

Identify your reasons for wanting to learn to speak English and then set yourself some objectives with your teacher. Ensure that they are specific, realistic and above all timed.

3 Make a study plan

Again with this it is important to be realistic. How much time do you have per week? Set aside 1 hour per week for study and revise 10 mins before and after each class and a further 10 mins between classes. Listen to some audio material everyday and ensure that this becomes a part of your routine so that you do it every week automatically so that you don’t fall into the trap of always promising yourself to study 3 hours next week and starting a never-ending chain of procrastination!

4 Use class time wisely

Come to class prepared, take notes in the class, be open about your doubts and accept fundamental differences between your language and English. Look for the hug factor in new language and structures and don’t depend on translation.

5 Use Caledonia Formacio’s new OSP system to understand your real progress throughout the year and use that to build your self-confidence and trust in your ability. Receive thorough feedback and revel in the knowledge that your language base is ever stronger and solid.

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